Angel Dear Pillows Are Here – Personalization Available!

Blanket My Baby is proud to announce a brand new line of animal pillows on our website from Angel Dear.  Our animal lovie line has been an extremely popular product with our customer base.  Why?  We offer a huge selection of different animals to choose from.  You can get a frog, monkey, elephant, lion, tiger, bear, bunny, zebra, hippo, cat, cow, lamb, dinosaur, robot, monster, giraffe and the list goes on and on.  Now, to go along with these cuddly security blankets, we are offering plush curved pillows with the same animals as friends.

Not only are the pillows a super cute and cuddly gift on their own, but we also offer embroidery on the pillows so that you can get a personalized animal pillow for yourself or as a gift.  Personalization is what helps make a good gift great.  We love personalizing blankets and pillows for our customers because it makes the gift that much more special.  Little girls and boys love to carry around a blanket or pillow with their name.  It’s something they can be proud of, and it represents just a little bit who they are.  If you are looking for an extra special gift for a baby shower coming up, we recommend you check out our entire personalized line of products, which now include these adorable Angel Dear curved pillows.  By the way, you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else on the net.

Here are just a few details about the pillows themselves.  They are 17 inches by 16 inches by 4 inches.  So, they are just the right size.  The pillows are a perfect size for car seats, strollers and travel.  And they are so soft, you won’t want to stop touching them.  The material is 100% poly microfiber, but it is cashmere soft.  Here is another huge plus.  The covers of the pillows are removable and machine washable!  Hooray!  No more stinky, grimy, greasy pillow cases!  The removable pillow cover is a mom’s best friend.  As mentioned before, the pillows match Angel Dear blankies perfectly.  You can choose the same animal friends, or build your little zoo!  One extra note, the pillows are not intended to be left in a crib.

Below, check out all of the adorable Angel Dear pillows we have to offer, and be sure to pick yours up today!

Monkey Pillow

Duck Pillow

Pink Bunny Pillow

Blue Bunny Pillow

Blue Bunny Pillow

Green Frog Pillow

Green Frog Pillow

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