Baby Development is Vital During First Year

Parents should keep in mind that baby development is very important during the first year of the baby’s life. Also, try to avoid from comparing your babies development with somebody else’s baby since every baby is dissimilar and they will not all develop at the same pace . If you feel that you may have a problem with your babies development then you should seek advice from a baby doctor or a health consultant .

The first month of baby development for a newborn baby is marked for alertness . Basically, this means that during the first month they should hopefully be capable to use their eyes to follow a moving object . Also, the baby should be able to move their head. As far as their hearing goes, they should start to respond to various sounds that are made around them . At this level of the babies development, the baby should be able to start smiling, especially during their sleep. In the second month the baby’s movements are increased as the head muscles are more developed . Your will also here a few more sounds such as gurgling and cooing as well as an enhanced smile and if you are fortunate they will start to sleep a little longer .

During the baby development of month three, the parent may notice that they have an improved recognition of voices, scents, and movements from people around them . Also, you may notice that their head muscles are stronger meaning that the baby can hold its head steady. Other baby activities that should start by the fourth month are that the baby’s speech will start to develop . During this month the parents may notice a bit more cooing and gurgling and possibly sounds such as mama and papa . Furthermore, this is a good time for the parents to start speaking a little more to the baby and even red them a short story . In the fifth month, the baby milestones will be to start developing their hand and eye coordination. By doing so, this will help them to try and grip things.

Once the sixth month roles around, the baby will try to put things in their mouth, crawling may begin, try to move forward and some babies may start sitting up . You may start to notice that the baby is sleeping better especially at night . By the seventh month, the infant development is usually more proactive and may start banging objects and consequently exhibiting a sense of delight when they here sounds . The babies development by the eighth month continues with crawling and they may even try to stand up in their crib. Also, they will learn to pass objects from one hand to another .

At nine months of a babies development, most babies will start saying words to the intended people like mommy to the mother. Also, there is increased standing, and stronger grasp is acquired as they learn to pick things with the thumb and index finger. At month 10, the baby growth continues with the baby learning some gestures like clapping and waving as a sign of communication. The baby will begin to hold their bottle and possibly even stand up without any help from someone . During the eleventh month, you may notice that they can understand easy commands like yes, no, come here and a few others as well .

Finally, during the twelfth month of your babies development, some of the activities that you may see include making reasonable words, increased gestures and some babies even begin to walk a little . However, parents should know that every baby is an individual and can not consequently be gauged on the conventional baby development rationally . While some babies may be proactive at a very early age, which could mean that they are sitting at four months and walking well at eight months, others may take some time before this happens.