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You don’t have to know how to sew to give the gift of handmade baby blankets . Blanketmybaby.com has a variety of blankets made by hand with soft, quality fabrics and prints for every mood.

Some of the benefits of handmade blankets:

-Every blanket is unique and made to order.
-Your purchase supports an artist—a blanket artist with a special talent!
-Handmade blankets have a personal touch and homemade feel without costing you more time.
-You are likely to receive a high quality product since the tailoring is by a person, not a machine.

All of our handmade blankets are machine washable. They are specialty made, but don’t require extreme, specialty laundering (see laundering instructions as they may be different by product). Blanketmybaby.com realizes that baby blankets are used by….babies! We strive to supply blankets that will survive years of washing and wear and tear. Our handmade blankets are sure to please and impress!

from the blog...
posted November 07th, 2015
We’ve decided not to carry the Angel Dear Yellow Cyclops lovey any more, and will not be restocking them when we run out.  If your child got attached to one, better grab one now!  And to speed clearing them out, we’ll give one away to the first person […]
posted November 07th, 2015
We saw this story on the evening new last night and went looking for an online version to share.   A little girl got very attached to her giraffe lovey and had to go without it for 11 days during a move.  When her parents discovered it in the […]
posted October 30th, 2015
Blanket My Baby has made a significant recent investment in new inventory, particularly Angel Dear products.  Yes, we re-stacked the Angel Dear Giraffe lovies… and much more! Having invested in some new lines of products, including but not limited to Angel Dear Ring Rattles and Teething Blankets “Teethers” […]
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