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Every Blanket You See Can Be Personalized!

Personalized Baby Blankets

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My Blankee Luxe Security Blanket (Multiple Colors)

$30.95 $40.00 
You save 23%

There is a reason why Katie Holmes and other celebrities love these super soft luxe blankets. Babies love them as well as their mothers for their h...read more

Swaddle Designs Baby Lovie Plush Dots (Multiple Colors)
$14.95 $17.00 
You save 12%

Babies don't want to let go of this Baby Lovie®. The plush dots and silky satin trim of this security blanket make it a favorite item for p...read more

My Blankee Dot Velour Security Blanket (Multiple Colors)
$30.95 $33.00 
You save 6%

These hypoallergenic blankets are still made of luxurious velour material, which is why they are a favorite among celebrities. Check out these beau...read more

Swaddle Designs Baby Lovie Polka Dot (Multiple Colors)

$14.95 $17.00 
You save 12%

The classic style of the Baby Lovie® with polka dot print will qualify your baby as a trend-setter from the start! This cotton flannel blanket ...read more

Swaddle Designs Baby Lovie Pastel With Chocolate Brown (Multiple Colors)

$14.95 $17.00 
You save 12%

The Baby Lovie® makes a great gift for a newborn. The super soft, fuzzy fabric is warm to touch, and babies love the feel of a satin trim. This...read more

My Blankee Snail Blanket (Multiple Colors)
$30.95 $44.00 
You save 30%

Your baby will want to move slow and head for bed so they can cuddle with this Snail Blanket from My Blankee. The unique design catches your eye wi...read more

Angel Dear Lion Security Blankie

Here comes the King of the Jungle! Make this Lion lovey blanket your child's new best friend. This animal security blankey comes with an attach...read more

Angel Dear Pink Bear Security Blankie
Teddy Bears are not only for little boys. Your little girl will love this adorable pink bear animal lovey from Angel Dear. She'll probably love...read more

Angel Dear Blue Bear Blankie
Now you can combine a teddy bear with a cozy soft blanket with this Angel Dear Blue Bear security lovie. Your child will love this blanket, and wil...read more

Swaddle Designs Baby Lovie Pastel with White Fuzzy (Multiple Colors)

$14.95 $17.00 
You save 12%

Baby Lovie® is a simple-yet-stylish security blankie. This one has a super soft, white fuzzy center with a silky satin picture frame border tha...read more

My Blankee Lightweight Silky (Multiple Colors)
$29.95 $33.00 
You save 9%

Choose from a variety of colors in this lightweight silky My Blankee. The thinner fabric is great for warmer seasons and climates. This baby blanke...read more

Angel Dear Pink Bunny Security Blankie
Hip Hop! Here comes a delightful little bunny blanket into your life. The pink bunny rabbit from Angel Dear is a favorite of many customers. Buy ju...read more

My Blankee Dot Velour Stroller Blanket (Multiple Colors)
$77.00 $85.00 
You save 9%

Now you can get the best selling, ultra luxurious My Blankee blankets in a stroller size, 30 by 35 inches.  Choose from a number of colors and...read more

Angel Dear Pink Kitty Blankie
Here is a kitty that loves to cuddle!  At the cheapest price available, you can have this kitty cat by Angel Dear personalized to make a perfe...read more

My Blankee Snail Stroller Blanket (Multiple Colors)
$77.00 $85.00 
You save 9%

See why so celebrities like Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes love My Blankee so much.  The super soft hypo-allergenic blankets ar...read more

Angel Dear Blue Lamb Blankie

Bahh Bahh goes the lamb! The blue lamb security cozy from Angel Dear makes an excellent gift for your little one of for baby showers. Perfect secur...read more

Angel Dear White Lamb Blankie
This white lamb by Angel Dear is perfect for a baptism or christening.  You can also have this lamp personalized and embroidered to make it an...read more

Angel Dear Green Dinosaur Blankie

It's back to prehistoric times with this fun green dino blanky from Angel Dear.  Cuddle up with a dinosaur that he will be sure to love.&n...read more

Angel Dear Blue Elephant Blankie
Snuggle up with the long trunk of an elephant with Angel Dear's blue elephant blankie.  At 14 x 14, this is a size your child can hang ont...read more

My Blankee Fuzzy Blanket (Multiple Colors)
$30.95 $33.00 
You save 6%

This My Blankee 14x17 security blanket with silky satin trim is simple but beautiful. The fuzzy fabric in the middle feels like fleece and is invit...read more

Personalized Blue Baby Pillow
$30.95 $39.95 
You save 23%

Now you can couple that personalized blanket with this adorable personalize pillow.  With your baby's name on one side with a cute blue st...read more

My Blankee Luxe Stroller Blanket (Multiple Colors)
$77.00 $85.00 
You save 9%

Enjoy the luxurious feeling of Luxe by My Blankee in a larger 30 x 35 inches size.  Perfect for a walk in the park, playing at home, or snuggl...read more

Swaddle Designs Baby Lovie Fresh Pastels (Multiple Colors)
$14.95 $17.00 
You save 12%

The Baby Lovie® is the perfect size for little hands. Experts recommend giving a child, six months and older, a security object. Your baby won&...read more

Angel Dear Leopard Blanket
Add to your jungle theme with this beautiful spotted Leopard Lovie from Angel Dear.  This large jungle cat will be sure to protect your little...read more

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latest personalized baby blankets reviews
I really was impressed when I saw the blanket. Though slightly pricey for the product and small (14x17), the quality was great and the fact that it's ...
My 4 month old daughter loves this sweet silky little lovie! It is just the right size for her to hang onto while we read stories or while she nurses ...
about Personalized Baby Blankets

If you are looking to buy a baby gift for a friend or family member, there is hardly a better way to show your thoughtfulness than with an embroidered present. Personalized baby blankets show that you went the extra mile to put a touch of kindness into your gift. Plus, it’s something a child can treasure as their own for years to come!

Blanketmybaby.com is a great place to buy a personalised baby blanket. With our selection, you can be as creative and unique as you’d like to be. Create a customized blanket with a personal message, or simply apply the child’s name or monogrammed initials (see our blog for ideas on what to include on a personalized blanket).

When buying a personalized blanket or embroidered baby blankets keep in mind: it is still important to purchase a blanket that the baby will love to cuddle with and that the parent will actually use. Blankets can be unique and practical at the same time.

Blanket My Baby is now offering personalization on all of our Angel Dear Blankies, My Blankee and Swaddle Designs Lovies. 

Why not buy a personalized blanket for every decorating theme and special occasion? See our selection of customized Christening blankets, Baptism blankets, birth date blankets and other personalized options.

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