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Sleep Sacks

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aden and anais cozy fairies baby sleeping bag aden and anais cozy fairies baby sleeping bag
$39.95 $45.00 
You save 11%
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aden and anais cozy fairies baby sleeping bag aden and anais cozy fairies baby sleeping bag
$39.95 $45.00 
You save 11%

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zzZipMe Sack Mod Circles (Multiple Colors)
A sleep sack is a perfect transition after swaddling for babies. The zzZipMe Sack™ comes in sizes for 3-6 month and 6-12 month year old babie...read more

Aden and Anais Fairies Cozy Sleeping Bag

$39.95 $45.00 
You save 11%

With four layers of muslin, this baby sleeping bag is perfect for those cold winter nights.  Decorated in cute pink fairies for your little ba...read more

Aden and Anais 4 Layer Cozy Sleeping Bag Frogs
$36.95 $45.00 
You save 18%

This adorable frog print baby sleep sack comes with four layers of super soft muslin.  Safer than loose blankets in a crib, sleep sacks are pe...read more

zzZipMe Fuzzy Puff Circles (Multiple Colors)
This brand new sleep sack comes with the easy access two way zipper, which makes changing a baby's diaper a snap. The soft, puffy material is c...read more

zzZipMe Sack Flannel Polka Dots (Multiple Colors)
These fun zzZip Me sleep sacks are made of the same cotton flannel as the soft satin trim loveys. Choose from pink, blue or green with matching sat...read more

zzZipMe Sack Mod Squares (Multiple Colors)
This zzZipMe Sack™ from SwaddleDesings comes in fresh pastels and has a cute mod squares design. The sleep sack comes in sizes for ages 3-12 ...read more

zzZipMe Baby Velvet with Mocha (Multiple Colors)
Check out these cute velvety baby sleep sacks that come in blue and pink with chocolate mocha trim. Available for 3-6 month babies and 6-12 month b...read more

Halo SleepSack Blankets (Multiple Colors)

Shop a huge selection of Halo Sleep Sacks from our Amazon partners. Many different sizes and prints to choose from. These wearable blankets have br...read more

zzZipMe Fuzzy Dots with Mocha (Multiple Colors)
This adorable new sleep sack comes in pink, blue or green with gold dots and stylish mocha brown trim. Another cute design from SwaddleDesigns! ...read more

ZzZipMe Baby Velvet with Color Trim (Multiple Colors)
These soft to the touch baby velvet sleep sacks are perfect for bed time. Available in pink and blue with matching satin trim. ...read more

ZzZipMe Flannel Little Dots with Mocha (Multiple Colors)
These cotton flannel sleep sacks have little gold dots accented with a mocha satin trim. Your baby will sleep great in these cozy wearable blankets...read more

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My daughter was a swaddle loving baby for the first couple months of her life. However, when she started to learn how to roll over, the swaddle wasn'...
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Sleep Sacks and baby sleeping bags are a great transition phase for babies ready to move from swaddling to big-kid blanket. Wearable baby blankets, including sleep sacks and baby sleeping bags are convenient for parents and comfortable for babies.

Typically the blankets keep the feet tucked in and zip, button, snap or velcro up the front. They solve the age-old problem of babies kicking off the blanket and waking up cold or tangled. Every brand of sleep sacks is unique—they can be loose or tight at the bottom. Some allow wiggle room for the feet and others function more like a swaddling blanket. As for the arms - sleep sacks can be sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved or may tuck arms in with a swaddling feature.

Did you know that one way you can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is by keeping blankets and clothing out of your baby’s face? An occurrence called rebreathing (the inhalation of carbon dioxide), has been tagged as a possible cause of sudden infant death syndrome. This may occur due to loose blankets or oversized sleeves near the baby’s face.

When deciding on a sleep sack, it’s also important to consider the temperature of the baby’s room and the season of the year. Sleep sacks are available in many fabrics and may range from thick winter fleece to thin summer-appropriate cotton mesh.

Blanketmybaby.com carries several varieties of baby sleeping bags and sleep sacks in colors including blue, pink, green, yellow, white and more.

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